Georg Janick Meyer

Georg Janick Meyer, M. Sc.

Department Elektrotechnik-Elektronik-Informationstechnik (EEI)
Lehrstuhl für Elektrische Energiesysteme

Raum: Raum 1.176
Cauerstraße 4 | Haus 1
91058 Erlangen


Raum 1.176,

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Research focus

  • Automated assessment systems of power system stability and protection performance of electric power systems (PSA and DSA).
  • Fingerprint analysis of pre-fault, fault and post-fault condition.
  • Application of AI systems (neural networks and optimization algorithms) in the power systems context.
  • In short: combination of dynamics, protection, assessment, optimization and AI systems.

Project and teaching activities

  • Kopernikus ENSURE: New grid structures – Link.
  • Deputy administrator and website officer.
  • Instructor for protection and control technology in summer semester 2018 and 2019 as well as work technology in winter semester 2017 and 2018.
  • Leader of the Whitsun excursion to Hamburg in 2019 and to Leipzig and Dresden in 2022.

Topics for seminar, bachelor and master theses

  • Optimization algorithms to improve setting values and functions of protection devices.
  • Use of AI techniques to detect various phenomenon in the electric power system.
  • Automated performance analysis and assessment of protection and power system responses after disturbance events.
  • System-wide stability assessment based on frequency, voltage, pole wheel angle and other criteria.
  • If you are interested, just write an e-mail, call or come by!


  • Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering (GET), Fundamentals of Electrical Power Supply (GEEV), Operating Equipment and Components of Electrical Power Systems (BKE).
  • Independent and reliable work ethic.
  • Helpful: protection and control technology (SLT) and programming experience.

Opportunities for students

  • Building knowledge in current research topics.
  • Learning different programming languages and their application.
  • Use of simulation tools in power systems engineering.
  • Contacts with industry and research.
  • Individually tailored topics for each student.

Publications Timeline

  • Juli 2016

    Power System Computation Conference

    Genua, Italien

    EPSODE Algorithm for System-Wide Protection Coordination (Paper)

  • Februar 2018

    ETG/FNN-Tutorial Schutz- und Leittechnik

    Berlin, Deutschland

    Automatisierte Bewertung der Schutzsicherheit unter Berücksichtigung elektromechanischer Ausgleichsvorgänge in Hochspannungsnetzen (Poster)

  • August 2018

    IEEE PES General Meeting

    Portland, Oregon, USA

    Protection Security Assessment during Fault and Post-Fault Period (Vortrag)

  • November 2018

    ETG-CIRED Workshop

    Berlin, Deutschland

    Flexible Schutzbewertung für multivariate Netze anhand fuzzifizierter Einstellparameter des Distanzschutzes (Poster)

  • Juni 2019

    International Conference on Electricity Distribution

    Madrid, Spain

    Digital System Protection Design – A New Toolchain for Protection System Automation (Paper)

  • Februar 2020

    ETG/FNN-Tutorial Schutz- und Leittechnik

    Berlin, Deutschland

    Systemweite Fehlerortbestimmung basierend auf einem Mustererkennungsansatz (Poster)

  • Juni 2020

    Power System Computation Conference

    Porto, Portugal; Virtuel

    Hybrid Fuzzy Evaluation Algorithm for Power System Protection Security Assessment (Paper)

  • Juli 2020

    IEEE PES General Meeting

    Montreal, Kanada; Virtuel

    System-based Fault Locator Based on a Pattern Recognition Approach (Paper)

  • Mai 2021

    VDE ETG Kongress 2021

    Wuppertal, Deutschland; Virtuel

    Protection Toolchain: Automatisierte Erstellung netzintegrierter und adaptiver Schutzkonzepte (Vortrag)

  • Juni 2021

    IEEE PES General Meeting

    Online; Virtuel

    Protection Toolchain: Automated Generation of Adaptive Grid Protection Concepts (Vortrag)

  • Oktober 2021

    International Conference on Advanced Power System Automation & Protection

    Jeju, Republic of Korea

    Window Evaluation – A new Technic for Stability Security Security Assessment in Dynamic Protection Simulations (Paper)