David Riebesel

David Riebesel, M. Sc.

Department Elektrotechnik-Elektronik-Informationstechnik (EEI)
Lehrstuhl für Elektrische Energiesysteme

Raum: Raum 0.122
Cauerstraße 4 | Haus 1
91058 Erlangen

Scientific profile


Research topics:

  • Holistic system analysis
    • Complex systems
  • Control of electrical power systems
    • Wide-Area-Control
  • Cyber-physical systems
  • Decentralized optimization approaches
    • Multi-Agent Systems
    • Cellular-Power-Grids
  • Transient stability

Open thesis:

In addition to the presented theses, students can also contact me with their desired topics – if it is sufficient for the scope of a thesis this can also be processed.

Bachelor topics should preferably be written in German.
Master topics should preferably be written in English.


Required skills:

  • Fundamentals of electrical power systems
  • Control engineering basics
  • Systematic thinking
  • Structured working




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